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Market Tweaking itself

Wow! That was one wicked, snowy, cold (record breaking) Winter here in Vancouver! Now, we may see a more enjoyable Vancouver - maybe some Sun? The Vancouver Real Estate Market seems to have found a sort of Spring as well, recovering & “normalizing” - i.e. normal for Vancouver. The 2nd half of 2016 was a dismal, depressing time for Vancouver property sales, but I predicted that our market would ..”pause, adjust, suck it up, & keep moving” - & that seems to be happening.

March 2017 saw West Side inventory & prices equal to March 2016, while, on the East Side, sales were down only 25%, & average prices were dead even. Vancouver is experiencing a healthy, normal market, & a robust Sellers’ market at some price points, & for condos. Most market impediments largely due to stringent, Kafka-esque, mortgage lending policies by Banks & major lenders.

Politics remains the “elephant in the room” & the 15% Non Resident’ tax is still a fresh memory - even though the gov’t has eased that policy & has also introduced other Real Estate friendly initiatives. The May 9 Provincial Election may also have a sobering effect on the Market. Demand, however, isn’t the problem as Vancouver Real Estate continues to be regarded as great value by locals & the international community. Look to see the market continue to strengthen (barring a catastrophic Election outcome) as we move through 2017. Call Bob Bracken anytime to discuss this topic and real estate.

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